swiftymig v5

swiftymig v5

new features:

  • browser can load images
    This is a major breakthrough as we will add games, Own swift profiles, swift virtual gifts and much more browser based items! Watch us as we bring all this to you guys very soon.
  • 10 id multi and autolike
    Now how cool is this? You can use your swiftyv5 to login 10 ids at 1 go and each id will get autolikes . Not only that, you can use these 10 ids as multy in any room to kick!

    HOW TO OPERATE 10 ID multi set?
    >>in setting page, in multi id box, put 10 ids separated by semi colon (;)
    >>same way put their passwords in password box
    >> press menu in settings page and choose “login multi ids”
    >> u can see if ids logged in successfully or not by “menu>console”
    >>once ids logged in, enter ur main id in a room and use these commands to control multi set

    .jm >> to join room with multi
    .lm >> leave multi from room
    .km target >> to kick a target

  • RIDs will work as room bot
    This is absolutely awesome as your 2 RIDs now have a chance of being roombots without paying anything all free of cost (yum) …all you got to do is simply park the ids in your desired room and voila you have your bots ready and an added advantage you can set your own custom message for the room text.
    Benefit here is that by being logged in from swiftyv5, you are actually increasing activity of your RIDs and main id which will help speed up your Mig level quicker.

    Simply open settings page by typing #
    You will see an option box saying room for BOT IDS…here you will enter your desired chatroom where you want to park your RIDs.
    Below you will tick on RIDS act as BOT ..tick this option and save. Your Bots are ready!

  • auto ban has been replaced with autokick
    all swifty users are familiar with our auto ban feature that used to ban multy ids starting with a specified initial 3 dgts..in v5 we made a simple change whereby autoban is replaced by autokick. Instead of ban now multy ids will be kicked. Simply open settings page and at bottom of page you will enter 3dgt that you want to kick for example you have multy having any3letters with ul1 simply write ul1 in box…thereafter any id that will have ul1 in username will be autokicked. This will work for series and random ids so do be careful

New Command:

.broadcast text_message
…This is cool! Tired of pvting each and every contact 1 by 1? Simply use this command to pvt and send same message to all your online contacts. (If I were you I would simply type .broadcast Hy people dont pvt me I am very busy …imagine saving your fingers all the energy typing in so many pvt tabs! (cheeky)

.mail mail_text
This is like your personal secretary ..simply use this command and the mail message will go to all your contacts. (Any festival or occasion and you want to wish everyone Happy shappy occasion…use this command )text will be emailed to all contacts one by one with 25 seconds delay

Want to see how much credit you have in your account? Use this command for instant balance check ..sounds like a bank hey

Want to see your account history? This will show you your account details instantly

write above command to mark an id for removal.. you may also write it for offline ids by clicking id once ..this will open email box write command there
Code: Select all
use this command to remove all marked contacts

.gflood amount giftname
My favourite favourite command and works like a bomb gift tool..
Simply type desired gift name and number of times you want to send the gift and you see magic
Eg .gflood 10 hug this willsend 10 hugs to the user/users in room or gc after every 18 second interval


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