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-6Set Multy, Can save unlimited ids in per Set , 5 Team For Every Set. (Total 30set).
– Login From Mig33 Version 4 and 3.
– Dc And Boom Protector.Disable Call Error, Set Profile Privacy, Private Chat Locker/UnLocker.
– Buy v4 Emote Packet (Free).
– Balance Checker.
– MigLevel Checker.
– Fast GetList, Auto Refresh GetList.
– Chat Box, Auto Enter, Chat With Three Id, Hang Proof Chat Box, Auto Leave Gc.
– Touch Kick, Manual Kick.
– Auto Login Id On Soft Open.
– Auto Save Previous Setting.

Flooding And Extra Features:
– Admin Detector, Auto Leave On Admin Detect.
– Multy Chat.
– Single ID, Enter/Left, Auto Flood, Abuse Flood, Random Emote Flood.
– Mobile Multy Controler (MMC).
– Auto Entry, 3Type Auto Enter.
– Auto Flood With Random Emote Change, Two Type Auto Emote Changer Flood.
– Abuser Flood.
– Roll Flooder, Three Type Roll Flood, Single Roll Flood, Flood With 6set, Admin Attact.
– Can Flood For Three Hours (It can be more).
– No Suspend. (If Mig Server Not Get Down)
– Can Save Own Flood In 4Text File And Do Auto+Manual Flood.
– Set Interval.

– Master Brutal.
– Set Id.
– Two Type Kick.
– Auto Enter.
– Auto Duel.
– ReLogin.
– Balance Checker.
– Loop/Delay.



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